March 08, 2011

Avril 4th Debut Album

Today is the day
Avril 4th Debut Album
before, at January 1st 2011, she has launched her single "What The Hell"
just wondering "how could she change like that"

I'll remind you about her previous album
the 1st album is Let Go (2002)

by the song I am With You, I bought this album
this album also influence my style.
at that time, I was a Junior High School student.
I like her style, so boyish
then I started to learn how to play guitar :)
notice this: you will hear "La La La" in the most of songs in this album (LOL)

next, her 2nd album is "darker" than the 1st one

at 2006 (if I'm not mistaken) she had her concert in Indonesia.
unfortunately, I can't come :(
in this album, my favorite is "Nobody's Home"
I thought the acoustic version is better, really touch my heart.
notice this: you will hear a lot of "Na Na Na" in this album (LOL)

in the end of 2006, there was a Fiction Film, "ERAGON"
Avril made the soundtrack (you may hear when you open this blog) "Keep Holding On"
then at 2007, it was her 3rd debut album
"me, I am scene, I am a drama queen, I am the best damn thing that ur eyes have ever seen"
I really love that lyric.
her appearance is totally different in this album.
she looks more feminine.
this album also remind me to my thesis :(
I want to analyze her song, but, since my senior already use it, I can't use her song :(
 notice: you will hear "Hey Hey Hey" or "Hey you" (LOL) 

after waiting so long (4 years), now here is her new album :)
can't wait for it in Indonesia :)

honestly, I really miss her "boyish style" with guitar and tie

However, I still wait her album in Indonesia 
then will notice some interesting part of the lyric (LOL)



Dana Paramita said...

i love avril too dear :D

gloriaputri said...

hoooo....she is great :) glad to know you love her too :)

Pramudita Puspita said...

Hi. i already follow u back. nice blog btw =)

Indah Nainggolan said...

whoaaaa..i'm really surprised when I visit your blog and then I heard this song..I'm really love it!!Suddenly remember when senior high school, i joined one competition, and had to sang this song...hahahaa*chit chat time* song that I will always remember is I'm With's really a very nice song :):)

Anonymous said...

it's me ina
i understand little...
your blog is nice..
i'm very love it..
i like avril from junior high school until now n it make me like your blog..
(mu'up lg bljr bhs.inggris)

gloriaputri said...

@ina: thanx 4 visit dear...keep on visiting my blog y' :)

oomph. said...

i loved all the songs on under my skin. will have to check out the new album.

oomph. said...

Hi, sure, will follow. Can't do it from my phone right now, but I will in the morning when I get to my computer. Thanks!

Vita Riangsari said...

i love the 3rd debut album ;)

LutFiiy Lavhalitya said...

Gloria i want to tell you ,,,, :(

my article about Avril Lavigne : Goodbye Lullaby was drafted by Blogger Team ...

gloriaputri said...

@Lutfii : this morning when i was blogwalking, try to looking for ur article I can't found it :(


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