March 04, 2011

I'd Never Let You Go, and I Never Did

Hi Reader,
wanna tell you that I am happy being myself
with people around
and they love me.
This post is about a lovely boy alive
 I never know that he has such interesting song dedicated to me.
but then, when he angry to me
he told me how much he loves me
 he was upset that I didn't realize it 
 he wanted to delete all the songs 
which is dedicated to me
I was angry too
and I said:
"why don't you also delete my photo, me from yours"

then he just smiled and say 
"Sorry hunny"
"I'd never let you go, and I never did"



Dana Paramita said...

great post :)
you are from semarang? me too dear, what about follow each other? let check mine

gloriaputri said...

@Dana: yep, I am from Semarang.....I'll check yours, thank you for visit mine :)

dEwLiciouZ said...

now, i'm following ;)

gloriaputri said...

Thank you dew :)

Dana Paramita said...

i follow you back!
keep in touch yay :)

gloriaputri said...

thanks Dana :)


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