May 16, 2011

Celebrating Mona's 23 y.o. Birthday and her Graduation

Hi reader :)
how's life? is it good? well Yess for me even this cough really disturbing my days.

Last month is Mona's Birthday (Mona is a friend of mine, u might see this link), moreover Mona also had her Graduation Time on April..what a perfect month huh? We were planning to celebrate it on April, but, since it was busy time during the Easter, so we cancelled it as well. And here we are:} we have it yesterday
left to right : Mona, Chicka, me, and Nonik Santa :)
We were planning to go to Depot Sukses, to had Japanese Food. Unfortunately, it is open at twelve in the afternoon, so, waiting for the time, we were going to KFC to have ice cream there :) me? ice cream? yesss...I really love ice cream never think that I had this cough...hahahhahahaha. 
At twelve thirty, we leaved KFC and went to the Depot Sukses
our order
Santa ordered Chicken Katsu, I ordered Beef Bulgogi, Mona ordered Beef Teriyaki, and Chicka ordered PaHe (the complete one).

me and my Beef Bulgogi :)
nonik Santa
girls in RED
We had a long time there to share our life :) well our friendship started when we were younger at 2005. For us, keep on contact and share bout life are important. These are our commitment and we have 6 years together :)
Some people told us "heh, mangan2 wae iso ne" in Bahasa "bisanya koq makan2 aja to kalian?" but for us, even it's just a lil' time to had lunch together, we had a great QUALITY Time to share :)

Happy Birthday Mona, and Happy Graduation, wish you all the best..
muaccchhhh :*
kisses and hugs


maya said...

klo dipratiin km kyk org cina ya glo, hihihi

gloriaputri said...

hahahha...kayak cina apanya kak? aq Jawa tulen.....hahahha...mungkin karena putih dan sipit kayak papa, aq disini jg sering dikira Cina ;)

Adhi Glory said...

makan-makan nih... bungkusin ya? :D

Enno said...

bah! aku juga baru mau komen gitu! wajah oriental... lha trus bataknya sebelah mana?


michellehendra said...

haahaha pretty! ;)


mona trisna said...

Owwwwwwwwwww... Thank you sooooooo muchhhh Glooooo :-*

Like this lahhhhhh :)

gloriaputri said...

@adhi : gag bs yg ke Semarang aja to
@enno : duh wajah orientalnya bagian mananya sih mba?
@michelle : thanks :)
@mona : ur welcome mona :) hehehehee


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