December 26, 2011

Have I?

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Dear Santa Claus,

I've been good this year, haven't I?
Yes, I've been good
okay, then
I haven't get my present yet, have I?

here is my only wish,
tomorrow I will go to Solo
with my brother also
There will be a competition..
No, not me
but my brother...
ask God to bless him
so that he can win the competition :)
That's my only wish for this Christmas
will you help me?
do that thing for me?

thank you Santa for your kindness,
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PS : taking off for a few days, pals... don't miss me :) I'll be back soon, muachhh


Gogo Caroselle said...

merry christmas sweetie
and may your wish came true.. best of luck for your brother..
kisses :)

yossyozy said...

merry christmas gloria :) have a better life after christmas day ^^

Lita said...

Bless u and u'r brother, Dek. God speed, ya...

Andri Edisi Terbatas said...

selamat merayakan natal gloooo :-D

Saraswati Kirana Putri said...

waaaaah sukses yaa demiii :D
pengen liat tapi ada kuliaaaaahh =,=

Enno said...

hey demi, ganbatte ya!
semoga menang!


Lopce Simoes said...

Just passing by and wanna wish you a very merry xmas. joy and peace be with you mate. Bless

I love read your postings btw. keep on - keep on.

Gloria Putri said...

@all : thank you all...thank you for the pray :) have a nice holiday :)


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