August 30, 2014

The Beginner

To start something new is easier than go back to the old habit you ever leave, like when you are on the top and suddenly the situation force you to go down, start from the beginning, the hardest point u ever felt.
Well, I used to do blogging regularly, tried to update it daily, but since I work in a school, I started to leave my hobby as I had so much fun with my cute students.
Then, I leave my job (yeah, this is the reason of my GALAU months lately)(and I will not tell you the reason now til I feel I am ready enough to share) and I try to (again) write and update my blog daily. Sometimes, somehow, I feel I lose my passion to write and I do not know what to write, freeze in front of my lappy for hours. I feel nothing, I feel useless…

We cannot predict what will happen in the future…that’s life.
Meanwhile, here are some photos when all the teachers in the school had photo shoots for the Yearbook last March.
Kinda late, but I think I need to post this as I start to miss my days there…(I mean) I miss my colleagues.

photo by blaze studio

photo by blaze studio

I edited our pictures into one, gonna miss them..
By the way, I want to introduce my friend as your new bloggy pal..find her here.
Kindly, visit her, cuz she promised me she will update her blog, share her new life in German.
Have a nice weekend, buddies :)
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AuL Howler said...

Every theachers there are all young?
I can imagine how would it feel when you're leaving

Keep it up, kak glo!

I wish you every better thing

kartika hapsari said...

waaa...really miss u all guys! Can't wait to be back there :)

Gloria Putri said...

@aul : yep...we are young....hehehe...thank you anyway.....
@ms.tika : miss u so much miss :*


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