March 07, 2011

Head Bang While Choose the Bag

Hi Reader :)
Back again, after a busy weekend (LOL)
I called busy because I have lot of things to do.
One of them is 
went to the Distro and Clothing Expo in Admiral Semarang

  this is the first time for me to go there.
and yesterday was the last day of the expo.
such a crowded place.
but, I love the DISCOUNTS so much
can't stop my self crazy there (LOL)

Anyway, I went there with my boyfriend :)
He has the same enthusiasm like me
I took some picture of him when he chooses some clothes

me and all the items purchased

I bought 2 shirts for my sister and my brother,
hope they like it.
For me, I bought a cute satchel bag.
since I saw this kind of bag in , I looked for it this kind of bag there....

beside the clothes,
I like the band performer.
my boyfriend said that they are Southern Band..
ahhh, really love the double pedal and the scream.



t a l i s h a said...

cute bag! it's always nice to shop with the opposite sex sometimes for a change :)

Vita Riangsari said...

ahahahha aku juga baru sekali mba.
cuma liat2 muter2 terus balik.. (cuma bisa ngiler liat diskonan ma barang2nya)

mba, gimana caranya folbek ?? -.-"


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