July 12, 2013

A Letter to You

picture from here

dear all K2 Students, 2012-2013

You came with your radiant smile
You came with your sincerity
you were my everything
Give me strength when I feel I want to give up
Give me love, when I think I am unlovable
We worked together hand in hand as partner.
You're all GREAT!!
Someday, I just want to see you are standing there,
To be a kind-hearted person,
To be a successful person

It was a wonderful year,
I'll keep it as a memory now
Thank you for being the nicest, the sweetest, EVER!
Wish you all the good things in your future…

Your teacher,

Ms. Gloria
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Enno said...

ya ampun lucu2 banget! <3

Suci Mine said...

anaknya unyu-unyu, pantas mbak glo bikin suratnya terkesan dalam dan manis banget... ^_^

melissa natalie said...

manis banget mereka, pasti seru dikelilingin anak-anak kaya mereka ^^


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