November 25, 2014

(not) An Escape

There is always a rainbow after the rain, thus, there is laughter and joy after the tears, isn’t it? Do you believe it? Me, I do… 
Remember the last story that I share to you? Well, I was facing a hard month that I never think (even predict) before, but thanks God I have a lot of sweet friends who cheer me up, who remind me that I am precious, I am strong.

Talking about friends, my current boss (for me, she is also my sister, my friend, my spirit and my role model) told me that I will go to Jakarta to have CAMBRIDGE TEACHING KNOWLEDGE TEST  (bold mode ON) which is becoming the greatest opportunity I ever had. 
It held on Saturday, November 22nd, 2014 and we went to Jakarta on Friday.
I may call this an escape for me, even though I have to face another problem (I have to study hard to pass this test, telling you the truth, I cross my fingers for the result, cuz I feel I can't do was really DIFFICULT), at least, I still feel the fun. 
Here I share some photo when we went to Jakarta last weekend.

nobody wants to sit beside the window, so I was lucky, I can enjoyed the sun and the clouds..thanks God for this beautiful world.
left to right : ms. Yessi, me, ms.Lingga with baby Kyra, ms. Anita
this is before we went inside the aeroplane...was a hectic hours as ms. Lingga carry her baby, Kyra and we helped her the carry her things.
well, I am Bu Susi's fans. It was my first time in Halim Perdana Kusuma and I felt too excited to take picture with one of her plane, SUSI AIR. Again, I am lucky.
we were in the same plane but he went out first and I was busy taking picture with SUSI AIR, but again I say, I was lucky because he was standing outside the airport waiting for his taxi, so I had the chance to take picture with one of the maestro, Jay Subiakto.

We stayed in POP Hotel in Tebet (click here to booked in the hotel). You just need 20 minutes to get the hotel from Halim. It is a cheap, clean and unique hotel.. Why unique? Here, have a look to these photos....
First, ms. Anita thought that the lamp on the bed was a microphone and she tried to talk something. LOL....

Second, It has a unique bathroom. the bathroom looks like a tablet. We call it our time machine, our Rocket, or our "studio rekaman". It was a "great moment" to take a bath inside a "Rocket"...LOL
I tried to capture the room, sorry if the result is bad :))

On the first night, we couldn't sleep early as we should study for the test on the next day.
We didn't have much time to have breakfast on the next day. We should be ready by 6 in the morning, we walked to SD Fr. ASISI for 15 minutes from the hotel.
After we walked for 15 minutes.
The greatest opportunity that I ever had in my life. Again and again, thanks LORD.
After we had done with the test, our "dragons" inside our tummy were crying, they want food. So, quickly we went back to the hotel, changed our cloths and took the taxi to Kota Kasablanka.

we decided to eat in a Vietnam's Restaurant, Pho 24.
had a window shopping and found this RED xmas tree...ohh, I want holiday, I want Xmas...
we walked and felt hungry for the second time. so, we stopped at RAFFEL's to have some burgers there :)) NO DIET!!!!

At night, we couldn't go out as the traffic was very bad. A friend who wanted to pick us in the hotel trapped in a traffic jam for hours, then he decided not to continue his way to the hotel.. sigh... but, the good thing is another friend of us came to the hotel. She is ms. Yona ( she was a teacher, but now she works in RCTI). We spent our night to talk about our experiences and fell asleep at 2.36 a.m.
On Sunday, we woke up late and in a rush we took a bath before we went to Cempaka Mas to buy anything we can buy. Ms. Anita's mother and father live in Jakarta and they planned to pick us at 11 a.m.
In the end, they dropped us to Rawamangun. We went home by bus.

I think that's all my story tonight. Maybe I will share the result of the test (maybe not if the result of the test is BAD:))
And if you think that this experience is just an ordinary experience, telling you the truth, this was my GREATEST EXPERIENCE, ever....after my "hard" time :)
so, do you want to share your GREAT experience lately to me?
good nite,
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Rian said...

good to know that you have a good time. Good luck with the test, and with whatever comes after that :)

Have a nice day :)


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