January 05, 2015

2015, Work Hard, Play Hardest!

Good Afternoon, people….

It’s 2015! Do feel excited? Cuz I feel it….. Well, spent my New Year’s Eve with my husband, best friends and their husbands on the pool side of Quest Hotel Semarang to see the Fireworks (feel free to see my Instagram, as I post some photos about it), went home at around 2 a.m. and woke up at 10 a.m. ( ohhh, I always love holiday). We were just stay on the bed on our first day of 2015, sometimes being lazy is needed when it is holiday.

The real HOLIDAY was last Saturday. On the third day of 2015, we went to Jogja, Wonosari. Our first destination was Goa Pindul. We needed 5hours to reach Goa Pindul from Semarang (aaarrrggghhh, I hate traffic jam). Bought the ticket and ate our lunch while waited for our turn.

Tour Package

We did not feel bored of waiting as we have our tour guide who told us about the story of Goa Pindul and its history. It is located in Gunung Kidul. According to our guide, the name of “pindul” is a abbreviation of “pipi kebendhul” (got bump on the cheek). There was an unexpected baby of Panembahan Senopati who accidentally killed by Ki Juru Mertani when he was about to shower the baby near the river. The cheek of the baby was bumped by the wall of the cave near the river. That is why the name of the cave is “Pindul”.
"must-wear-fashion" and selfie before the trip
Pak Sugito, our Tour Guide who told us the story of Goa Pindul, One thing about him, FUNNY.

the cave from the outside...
there is a hole inside the cave....
Inside of the cave, we can see a lot of bats, stalagmites and stalactites which covered by crystal, ahhh speechless….*inhale exhale*

take a selfie before we entered the cave...
the stalactites and stalagmites inside the cave
can you see the crystal on the stone?
selfie is not a crime, right?

the end of the cave....our happy face
then, a mini truck brought us back

The tour guide gave me his phone number, for you if you are interesting to have a trip to Goa Pindul, feel free to contact me through twitter or email ( glowsha@gmail.com ) if you need to know about the trip and the tour guide number….or, you may find more information here

Happy New Year
Wish you luck in 2015 people..
Work hard, play hardest (don’t forget to take holidays, okay?)
Take care :* 
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