February 28, 2011

I call it "PASSION"

Hi Reader,
Let me introduce someone here
I call her "ci" Lingga.
2006, it was the first time I know her when I was a new college student in Soegijapranata Catholic University.
The Lecturer told the whole students how great she is.
Finishing her study only 3,5 years
Got such information, I promise myself that someday I could be like her

2009, I met her for the first time. My boyfriend introduced me to her.
She asked me to work in Edu House (an English course directed by her) as a teacher assistant.
hohow, I was happy, can't believe that she offered me that chance.
Oct 2009, I started to work in Edu House.
Happy because there's a lot cute students :)

2010, graduated from Faculty of Letters, then I got a new job in Pertamina (Persero),
I cried. My world is my students. I'm happy to be with them. But I have to leave Edu House, anyway she still gave me the chance to teach in Saturday.

I passed so many hard days in my new office. I really miss ci Lingga, the teachers in Edu House, and of course my students. Can't stop crying when I remembered the togetherness in Edu House.

Feb 15th, 2011, I got the information that ci Lingga went into the Hospital. The doctor told her to take a rest for a month.
and yesterday, the teachers and I went to the Hospital. She asked us to have a meeting there.

Just wondering, how could she still have the strength to invited us to have a meeting?
By the meeting, then I know where does the strength come from.
I call it "PASSION"
Passion to teach, Passion to children, Passion to giving all the best.
I think the teachers should learn how to improve "Passion" like ci Lingga did.

ci Lingga and all the Teachers

Get well soon ci, the students and the teachers miss you so much



baby said...

foto'e lau culun ihh,
hahaaa *piss!

gloriaputri said...

heh...mbe pacar e ngono og yo....dikatain culun iq....ckckckckckckck......ta andakke looo

Linggayani Soentoro said...

O lord, I cried when I read this writing again. Thanks for always being there, Glo. Thanks for following your passion!


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