February 20, 2011

one day out with MNC

I'm happy.....

back to teenage's life....
go to the mall..gossiping..

of course with MNC
MNC's member are me, chicka, mona, and santa

this afternoon, we were going to Java mall...
some of us have the reason why we are going....
me: just for spending time while I was waiting for my sister
santa: she's bored bcoz her PC is broken
mona: the same with me, she was waiting for her sister
chicka: we asked her to followed us....hehehehehehhe

our first destination is pet shop...
chicka bought a bottle of vitamin for her rabbit
others just looked at the pet....they're so cute (read: the pet)

next, we were going to the Gramedia
Santa was looking for a book
but she didn't find it, so we went to the next destination

since our stomach said: "krucuk2"
then we were going to Pizza Hut

we ordered for "Delight Berempat"
cheaper I think....than the other choice...

who is the one who got the biggest portion???

hahahahhahaha the answer is


yeah....eat a lot....make my stomach bigger...huahahahahahhaha

hehehhee.....but santa still want ice cream....
so i leaved her in Mc.D n i went to Strober to choose some accesories...

since we are very busy, so this is gave me so much pleasure to go out with them

hope we can have another day out...


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