March 18, 2011

A Moment to Remember

Never tell you my reader that I love TAEKWONDO
when I was junior high school, my mom told me to join TAEKWONDO.

Now, I'll share a lil' bit about it

I am a Black Belt, Taekwondoin called it "sabeum" or "guru" in Bahasa
below, I share some photo of me :)
 Vina and me after the exercise :)

And these are the photographs taken when we had Black Belt and Athlete Outing last year.

from left to right: Sb.Nim Parwoto and Sb.Nim George
from left to right: Sb.Kale, Sb.Adhi, Johan, Sb.Stephanie, Sb. Dhila, Me, Vina, Sb.David

Really miss this kind of moment, because David is studying in Taiwan now.
Hope this year we will have another outing :)
 gonna post another story of hobbies, sports, and taekwondo

have a nice weekend :)


fashiONözge said...

waaaaooowww really amazing great,loveee it:)waiting other posts:)

gloriaputri said...

thank're so kind :)

michelle_ said...

cool !

thanks for stopping by at my blog !
glisters and blisters

Marcella Hutama said...

I very misss that moment ci
want to see and meet you and all members
someone told me that u are a nice and kind girl

Stephanie said...

I will follow my brother

gloriaputri said...

@michelle: thank you 'n ur welcome...ur blog is interesting :)

@cella : please come n join us, so we will meet :) anyway thank you

@stephanie : there will be no "cici" in Spinkick if u leave us like ur brother..hahahha

Pramudita Puspita said...

Hi gloria..aku kasih kamu award lho..
tolong diliat ya postingannya:

f4dLy :) said...

like a movie title
salam kenal yah
mampir di rumah persahabatanku yah

damar rakhma said...

WOW COOL! Black belt is the highest level, isn't it? Pardon for being smartass :P

Veronica said...

Nice blog!
Follow me? I'd be very happy if you do it!
Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

dian ina
wow cool
want to follow...
it must be very exciting

gloriaputri said...

@pramudita : thanx 4 giving me the award dear :)
@fadly : i am just visiting yours, nice blog anyway :)
@damar : yep, it is the highest level:)
@veronica : sure, i will
@ina : come and join us month we'll have another outing :)

maya said...

seems u had so much fun ya. nge band, taekwondo juga. mantab deh.

gloriaputri said...

@maya : hidup cm sekali, dinikmati lah :) selama menikmatinya dg hal2 positif hehehhee :)

Lucy Chaniago said...

tambah kangen deh ma taekwondo.. huhuhu

Gloria Putri said...

yaudah, taekwondo lagi aja atuhhh


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