March 21, 2011

My First Award

Hello Reader,
Thank you for all your kindness to comment on my previous post
One comment makes me blushing come from Pramudita Puspita 
she is kindly gave me an AWARD :) Thanx Dita, it means a lot for me :)

My First Award :)
 fulfill the rules, I tell you 8 things about me:
1. I am a teacher wanna be,
love children so much, have the desire to have my own school in Papua someday (wish I could) so I can be among children :)

2. I have a "cute" laugh (LOL)
All of my friends told me that they miss my laugh if I am not around :)) I love to laugh and cheer up the day

3. I used to be alayers
LOL, when I was a High School student, I am a alayers :)) took some pose like put the finger on my mouth and type a message "ababil like" hahahha.. I thought I have to be mature now :)

4. I love Avril Lavigne and Paramore (Hayley)
Know all the information about them :) pay attention to their fashion then adopt it...Sad when the Farros (Paramore's member) out from the band last December. Have the desire to sing Paramore's song in a concert :) (I have sing Avril's song "Keep Holding On)

5. I am not I fashionholic, but I am fashionable :)
follow the fashion trend :) always.. esp. bag and shoes :) have a lot of kind of bag :))

6. Internet freak
can't stop myself crazy in front of the computer :)) love blogwalking and making friend in the social network :)

7. I love sports
I play TAEKWONDO and FUTSAL :)  I love "men sports"  makes my body shape and healthy

8. This blog is not my first blog
before, I have 2 blogs when I was a high school student, but didn't have anytime to update it, I forgot the email and password, so I make the new one, g.l.o.r.i.l.i.c.i.o.u.s
and keep on writing in English because here in my office, I can't use my English :(

Then I'll give the award to 8 lucky bloggers, they are:

1. Matias Chosta , thank you for helping me arranged the blog :) I appreciate all your kindness
2. Yuristia , I love your posts :) keep on writing the poetry girl :)
3. Novi , thanks for the "read more" and I love your post esp. post about Paramore. Keep on writing 'bout Paramore :)
4. Maya , I love your post, your language to write your post :) and nice blog of course :)
5. Enno , I like her blog so much esp. Ralph and Don (feeding them always :)
6. Pru , his blog is funny, love to read the posts :) (in Bahasa I called it "GUE BANGET")
7. Dias , thanks for share about fashion on your blog :) nice blog
8. Vita , nice blog :) love the post about family :)

Congrats all :)
The last but not least, I want tell you why I make such title "My First Award"?
Because, I hope there will be another award come for me :)
Thank you all

lots of love,


PRUart said...

Thanks a lot sist ^___^

gloriaputri said...

your welcome :)
don't forget to fulfill the rules y :)

vitarlenology said...

gloria, terima kasih ya untuk awardnya..:)

Gulali Balon said...

thx a lot my beautiful sist..:D

maya said...

thank u so much dear glo, u such a sweet friend :)

gloriaputri said...

ur welcome all :)

Petite Cherie said...

Hehe!! Congrats on the award :)

gloriaputri said...

thank you cherie

Enno said...

hey glo! thx so much! Fyuh! So I have to fulfill the rule?


nopinop said...

Makasih ya kak Glo :D
Oya, aku gak ada banner. Tapi ntar banner kak Glo mau aku pasang di blogku ;)


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