March 25, 2011

Passing The Hard Days

Hi Readers
Since there was someone who asked "why don't you use English, Glo?" 
so today I am continuing writing in English.
Wanna share you something 'bout today's happen

Putri Aryanti Sigit

Well, I don't know her before. 
But since all the media publish and talk about her, I know that she is Ari Sigit's daughter, which is a grand grandchildren of Soeharto (alm).
The news that I read today is about the healthy test result of her.
The doctor said that she has a mental syndrome, depressed.
based on her past time, her family were broken. Her parent divorced and she has a "new" mom.
Poor her, 
maybe you are wondering, why should I care to this person 'till I wrote 'bout her?
First, take a look to her 1st name. I have the same name (Putri).
then, the second is I think I depressed also, the same with her if this news is not a spam.
before I continue with this, I let those who get bored to go out from this article.

(take a breath)
Oke, I am depressed....
when I wrote this, I am sick. There is something wrong with my body today. I am not okay.
My mom told me to take a rest for a while, but this is not because I am tired.
I tell myself everyday (when I reach my office)
"I should not be here. My place is among children...not in front of a f**king computer which is can not laugh together with me, or cry with me like children did"
but then I remember to my parent. They need me to be here right now.
I don't wanna be the next Malin Kundang who didn't have any respect to parent.
But this condition makes me sick.
everyone told me : 
" you must be crazy Glo if you leave your 'GOOD' job. Everyone wanna be like you. Sit on that chair. This is your luck you know...."
ohhh.....that's people's opinion. 
For me, my pleasure is when I got the 'SUITABLE' job not a 'GOOD' job as they said. Honestly, I just need MONEY from my job now, so I can help my parent pass these HARD days.
Oke, stop writing 'coz I am starting to cry now.

My pray is my parent get well soon, so I can stop myself going crazy in this office, back to my dream to be among children as A TEACHER.
Love you Mom and Dad


amalia khoirun nisa said...

being teacher is also the one of my dreams mbak glo, so i surely know how exactly happened is her heart.
thanks god i have great parents who never disturbing me to reach everything i want.

nowadays, being so depressed is so easy mbak, :(

gloriaputri said..., my parent never disturbing or kinda force me..
It was myself force mine to do such job :(

Sassy E said...

kamu tau ga, kdg2 aku jg mrs terjebak di sini. di sebuah desa di kaki gunung, mengurus ayah yang sakit2an sepeninggal ibu. mengurus rumah, memasak, mengawasi pengelolaan kebun, ternak dan sawah keluarga, dari soal pupuk, bibit sampe bagi hasil panen.
pdhl aku lahir dan besar di kota (ortu pindah ke desa stlh pensiun). di kota, profesi aku jurnalis dan kdg2 jd guru utk sekolah2 darurat. it was happy time for me.
klo dipikir2in terus sih emang akan stress. tapi coba deh kita ikhlasin, bener2 ikhlas dan jgn mengungkit2 lagi...
kt guru ngajiku, sebetulnya ini kesempatan dari Tuhan buat kita ngumpulin tabungan untuk surga. nggak ada yg lbh besar pahalanya drpd berbakti sm ortu :)
btw, kamu msh bs jd guru kan glo... mengundang anak2 tetangga untuk acara mendongeng, menulis atau menggambar. aku disini juga gitu. it's so fun! trust me. please, be happy dear :)


Dana Paramita said...

wow, whats wrong with you dear?
you look sad, but i like every words in this post.

Geafry Necolsen said...

lagi sakit mbak?
turuti deh kata ma2nya.. mungkin emang lagi cape aja..
cepet sembuh ya.. btw, aku follow blognya.
hopely you would return followback my blog

gloriaputri said...

@enno : iya No, weekend kemaren merenung....then think that I was fool :) thanx for the suggest :)

@dana : i am okay dear...thank was the exams anyway?

@geafry : thanx for following me :) i will follow u back

maya said...

kadang2 memang hanya ada sedikit pilihan. kalau aku, aku percaya pd everythin happen for a reason. so, be patient, u will know someday why u must have this condition. cheers :)

CK said...

dont ever think it is a sacrifice, just telling urself that it's just a way to enjoy God's process..

keep spirit, honey ^.^

gloriaputri said...

@ all : thanksssss


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