March 14, 2011

Rocky Alive

Thanx God.....
This Evening...when I reached house.
I found that Rocky alive :)
this is Rocky few days ago 

silly me, because I was crying for the whole day today  -.-a
my mom said that It was my family trick to me :))
Actually, Rocky was falling down to the river.
but then my sister saved it, thank you sist :)

today I learn to more curious before I tell a story :)
sorry for those who gave the sympathetic for me esp. Rocky 
thank you for all your kindness :)
I appreciate it so much 

happy me,


Dimo said...

Hahh.... Otte masuk sungai trus berenang n rescue kaya di pilem2 gitu??? hahahahhaa..... LOL... ^^v

gloriaputri said...

hahhahhahaa...kayaknya gag selebay itu mas....hohohohohhohohohoho

daraziivana said...

nice post and thanks for sweet comment on my blog dear <3

vitarlenology said...

makasih udah berkunjung.. udah aku follow blognya..:)

maya said...

i c. hahaha.. gk papa, gk ketepo kok justru ini ending yg menarik. setidaknya km lebih perhatian dan menjaganya :)

gloriaputri said...

@maya : wkwkwkwkwk...iya...lain kali lbh hati2 deh :)


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