March 28, 2011

Say "NO" to DIET

Well, honestly I have made this kind of article when I was a college student.
But, I think it is important to write about it again here on my blog.

Girls, did you realize that the media giving you "an IMAGE", a "WRONG IMAGE"?

oke, let me explain,
The media esp. the ads. show us (women) that a BEAUTIFUL WOMAN should be :
  • slim
  • white skin
  • long and straight hair
then, they give their solution by their product and you want to buy it.

And today, I want criticize about the first bullet, SLIM
There are overweight women around me. 
Some of them proud of themselves, but some trying hard to make their body slim.
Unfortunately, there are 2 women that get BAD EFFECT after they consumed capsules or tea or everything to make their body slimmer.
The first woman is my cousin. She consumed a lot of dietary things to make her body slim.
Before, she thought that her effort is succeed. But now, she is in a Hospital to have therapy for her kidney.
Spent a lot of money of course, and yes, she can not do anything except bed rest. She can not teach her students (she is a music teacher).
The second is a lovely woman alive that I know as "my boss". She was trying to make her body slim.
Consumed medicine. Lucky her, she realize it was wrong and stop before it getting worse. Last month she went into the Hospital. Since she haven't got her best healthy condition, she went to Singapore last two weeks. Now she can do her activities well. She said she wont consume such dietary things again.

Why should I post this kind of article? Because last Saturday, a friend of mine told me that she is on DIET and consumes some medicine.

For you, my lovely reader,
Based on my cousin and my boss experience, I ask you to Say NO to DIET.

make your body slim by exercise. You can start by jogging every morning. 

Eat a lot of fruits. 

And drink a lot of water.

NO MORE DIET coz DIET is EVIL (it may kill you).

Have a Happy Day.


Indah Nainggolan said...

yuup yuup.. i'm one of pro "NO DIET"..i prefer to drink mineral water and eat some fruits, but i'm kind of lazy to do something..exercise!LOL :):)

Hans Brownsound ツ said...

visiting :)
haha. :D why girls want to loose some weight and boys are the opposite.
i want to gain my weight, but no matter how much i eat. i don't get fat. LoL

Dana Paramita said...

wow this is very useful posting. totally right what did you say, i agree with you]
anyway, yes right, she is domas and i am shs 2 semarang :)

michelle_ said...

yepp drinking lots of water is gooodd !
and fruits + veggies too :D

glisters and blisters

gloriaputri said...

@Indah : trust me, exercise make your body healthy...try the simple one, jogging....goodluck :)

@hans : LOL, but I am not that kind of woman...I let myself eat a lot, but keep my body healthy by exercise. Anyway thanks for dropping by here :)

@dana : now I believe at "Dunia Tak Selebar Daun Kelor", your friend is my friend too....I know Domas..miss her actually :)

@michelle : water and fruits also keep our skin shine :) glad to know you are agree with me :)

Enno said...

admitted to hospital because of diet? I was there! hahaha
All you have to do are exercise, eat fibrous food and drink lots of water. So your weight will be reduced in the right way ;)

Geafry Necolsen said...

buat apa diet, bikin ga enak makan..
kerja keras supaya bisa makan enak
kenapa mesti di tahan2 ya?

gloriaputri said...

@Enno : proud of ur body :))

@geafry : yep...agree with u

i-one said...

diet,nagk ah..ane udah kurus,hehe...klu ada waktu kunjungi blog ane ya

CHristo said...

Mari kita saling berkunjung Blog :

Hans Brownsound ツ said...

now, following u :)

Ra-kun lari-laRIAN said...

hi there, my first visit to this blog.
anyway, i say no to diet as well. in fact, i wish to gain some weight :p

gloriaputri said...

@x-to: sudaH berkunjung koq :)
@hans: thanks for follow :)
@ra-kun: thank you for visit and leave comment :)

andry yudha said...

waaaahhh,, nice posting,,,

but diet must balance with exercise,,,:D

thanks yaa


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