April 26, 2011

This Week Giveaways and My Nu Bloglovin Account

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This morning, when I opened my blog, I just found that there is a lot of kind blogger who share their giveaway :)
Here is the list of the giveaways :
1. Sasa's giveaway
She is celebrate her 100 followers. She is kindly to give the winner a summer dress :) click her name above to see the giveaway and fulfill the rules if you really want it :)
2.Michelle's giveaway
She is not celebrate anything but, she's kindly to give the winner a pair of shoes, high-heels.. and the winner can choose the shoes by themselves. last two days, I told my sister that I want to buy a pair of high-heels for me to go to the office, haven't buy anything after walked for more than an hour, then when I know that Michelle's giveaway is a pair of shoes, never think twice I am joining the competition. Really want the shoes? Just click to her name to see the giveaway :)
3. Joey's giveaway
This is her second giveaway. I was unlucky with the 1st one :(  She is kindly to share nail polish that she bought. The nail polish smells fruity (I am curious about this nail polish). You can click her name above if you curious enough to join the giveaway :)

To fulfill the 1st and the 2nd giveaway, I have to make my own bloglovin account :) 
so please if you have an account of bloglovin, feel free to follow my blog there :)

picture from here

cu reader,
wish me luck ::wink::


maya said...

ganbate glo.. wah, ini sih kyknya efek dr blog lovin ya. hihihi...

Dania Adela said...

hihiiii makasih infonyaaa mbakglooo ;)
ikutan juga aahh giveawaynyaaa iseng2 berhadiahh.. hihi ;p
*kiss and hug*

Adhi Glory said...

somehow it's crossing my mind... what is it bloglovin?

Sarah said...

love bloglovin' :)

Enno said...

aku dah pny bloglovin akun tapi lupa lagi passwordnya deh hahaha...

gloriaputri said...

@maya : hehehe..tengkyu may...gag ikutan giveawaynya?

@dania: hahhaa, aq liat km udah ikutan di giveaway yg pertama...goodluck y :)

@adhi : aq kurang ngerti jg sih, asal bikin akun aja disana...hehehhe

@sarah : hey, do you have any? how if follow each other there :)

@enno : whakakkakaka...blm tua koq uda pelupa sih mba?

Nufri L Sang Nila said...

sama...gak tau bloglovin jugaaaaa *nangisss



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