August 16, 2011

Happy Independence Day, Indonesian

Hi Everyone :)
Happy Independence Day for Indonesian.
Hope God Bless Us always.

and this post is about today's activities at school.
Maria Regina Celebrate The Independence Day.
Here are some photographs taken in Kindergarten Competition.

KG Teachers
Students came :)
Finally, I've got his picture, Abraham a.k.a Abe
We opened the day by singing Indonesia Raya and Hari Merdeka, then start the games. First Game was for Toddler 1, put the flag into the glass with parents.
Toddler 1
Then continue with Toddler 2, peeling the orange and feed mommy :)

Gabby and her mommy
Now, Pre K.. Newspaper Race :)
one, two, three, gooo!!
Big applaus to K1, dressing mommy
are you ready kids?
mommy's are waiting
Last game is for K2
Three Leg Race
We got 10 finalist (2 from each level) then gave them the last game, the final, to choose 3 winner.
The game is Balloon Dancing.
Gerrard with mommy
let's dance together :)
Fyuh, the games finished at 10 am, then we went to the playground to have potluck there. Soooo many traditional snacks :) Risoles, Lemper, etc.

candid :

Woahh....Yeahh... Feel tired but We are Happy :)

One more time, Happy Independence Day, Indonesian :)

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PS :
I took so many photos there, just check it on my Facebook Account here


IT'S ME.... said...


Dias said...


maaf ya glo, aku mnggila :p

gloriaputri said...'s okay Dias :)
Happy Independence Day :)

gloriaputri said...

yanz maw ikut kmn? wkwkwkwkw

ade kurnianingrum handika putri said...

hehehe :)

Claude C Kenni said...

Wah lucu banget ya, calon2 generasi penerus bangsa nih...

Sassy Enno said...

hahaha iya tengil ya, gimana dah gedenya tu :P

gloriaputri said...

@ade : merdeka juga :)

@claude : iya...mereka lucu2 :)

@enno : so sweet bgt lo itu si abe...klo ada yg nangis pasti dideketin dia trus bilang "stop crying" sambil elus2 tangan temennya yg nangis :D


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