March 21, 2013

Why My Son (or Daughter) is An Introvert? A Guide for Parent

Today, most of our parents are busy. They go to work almost every day from morning until night (sometime they go abroad or out of town). They do not have enough time to play or even meet their children. They go to work when their children still sleep and come back home when they (again) on the bedroom already.

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On the other hand, children want to share what they have done at school or their favorite friends or teachers but parents are not there. Some of parents nowadays, they leave their sons or daughters with nanny.
 That condition causes a gap between parents and their children. The children will not have any chance to share their experiences, their feelings, their emotions. Then parents will be too late to realize that their children need more than money and nanny.
 It won’t be happen if parents start to have quality time with the children.
First, appreciate their works or their art works. It will be their pleasure even parents just say “nice works darling”, etc because they need compliment that motivates them. Compliments make them want to give the best for parents on the next day.
Second, try to spend quality time to play with the children or if parents are too tired to play at least talk and ask them what they were doing at school or their activities during the day. They love to talk and tell what they have done at school, as long as parents give their ‘ears’ to ‘HEAR’ their sons or daughters. Be a good listener ;)
Third, be on their bedroom to say goodnight before they go to sleep, kiss them and say “love you”. If possible, parents can lead their sons or daughter to pray before they sleep and ask them to take turn on the next day.
Slow but sure, children will have the feeling “my parents love me lot, so why should I be so introvert? I will share my feelings or activities today”.
Start to do, before it is too late to start.


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Ini adalah artikel pendek yang saya sertakan di Buku Tahunan sekolah.....semoga bermanfaat juga untuk pembaca yang sudah punya anak ya ;)


Anissa Florence Oktina said...

Puji Tuhan, orang tua ku bukan yang workholic. Walau papa sering berpergian keluar kota, mama tetap dirumah untuk mendengarkan kami. Nice post kak :)

Anonymous said...

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Sou Litu said...

It seems to me that u understand this stuffs quite enough.

Ready to go Miss Glo. hehe


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