November 25, 2014

(not) An Escape

There is always a rainbow after the rain, thus, there is laughter and joy after the tears, isn’t it? Do you believe it? Me, I do… 
Remember the last story that I share to you? Well, I was facing a hard month that I never think (even predict) before, but thanks God I have a lot of sweet friends who cheer me up, who remind me that I am precious, I am strong.

Talking about friends, my current boss (for me, she is also my sister, my friend, my spirit and my role model) told me that I will go to Jakarta to have CAMBRIDGE TEACHING KNOWLEDGE TEST  (bold mode ON) which is becoming the greatest opportunity I ever had. 
It held on Saturday, November 22nd, 2014 and we went to Jakarta on Friday.
I may call this an escape for me, even though I have to face another problem (I have to study hard to pass this test, telling you the truth, I cross my fingers for the result, cuz I feel I can't do was really DIFFICULT), at least, I still feel the fun. 
Here I share some photo when we went to Jakarta last weekend.

nobody wants to sit beside the window, so I was lucky, I can enjoyed the sun and the clouds..thanks God for this beautiful world.
left to right : ms. Yessi, me, ms.Lingga with baby Kyra, ms. Anita
this is before we went inside the aeroplane...was a hectic hours as ms. Lingga carry her baby, Kyra and we helped her the carry her things.
well, I am Bu Susi's fans. It was my first time in Halim Perdana Kusuma and I felt too excited to take picture with one of her plane, SUSI AIR. Again, I am lucky.
we were in the same plane but he went out first and I was busy taking picture with SUSI AIR, but again I say, I was lucky because he was standing outside the airport waiting for his taxi, so I had the chance to take picture with one of the maestro, Jay Subiakto.

We stayed in POP Hotel in Tebet (click here to booked in the hotel). You just need 20 minutes to get the hotel from Halim. It is a cheap, clean and unique hotel.. Why unique? Here, have a look to these photos....
First, ms. Anita thought that the lamp on the bed was a microphone and she tried to talk something. LOL....

Second, It has a unique bathroom. the bathroom looks like a tablet. We call it our time machine, our Rocket, or our "studio rekaman". It was a "great moment" to take a bath inside a "Rocket"...LOL
I tried to capture the room, sorry if the result is bad :))

On the first night, we couldn't sleep early as we should study for the test on the next day.
We didn't have much time to have breakfast on the next day. We should be ready by 6 in the morning, we walked to SD Fr. ASISI for 15 minutes from the hotel.
After we walked for 15 minutes.
The greatest opportunity that I ever had in my life. Again and again, thanks LORD.
After we had done with the test, our "dragons" inside our tummy were crying, they want food. So, quickly we went back to the hotel, changed our cloths and took the taxi to Kota Kasablanka.

we decided to eat in a Vietnam's Restaurant, Pho 24.
had a window shopping and found this RED xmas tree...ohh, I want holiday, I want Xmas...
we walked and felt hungry for the second time. so, we stopped at RAFFEL's to have some burgers there :)) NO DIET!!!!

At night, we couldn't go out as the traffic was very bad. A friend who wanted to pick us in the hotel trapped in a traffic jam for hours, then he decided not to continue his way to the hotel.. sigh... but, the good thing is another friend of us came to the hotel. She is ms. Yona ( she was a teacher, but now she works in RCTI). We spent our night to talk about our experiences and fell asleep at 2.36 a.m.
On Sunday, we woke up late and in a rush we took a bath before we went to Cempaka Mas to buy anything we can buy. Ms. Anita's mother and father live in Jakarta and they planned to pick us at 11 a.m.
In the end, they dropped us to Rawamangun. We went home by bus.

I think that's all my story tonight. Maybe I will share the result of the test (maybe not if the result of the test is BAD:))
And if you think that this experience is just an ordinary experience, telling you the truth, this was my GREATEST EXPERIENCE, ever....after my "hard" time :)
so, do you want to share your GREAT experience lately to me?
good nite,
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November 03, 2014

At a Glance : My Life Lately

“Hidup penuh dengan ketidakpastian, tetapi perpindahan adalah salah satu hal yang pasti. Kalau pindah diidentikkan dengan kepergian, maka kesedihan menjadi sesuatu yang mengikutinya… Padahal, untuk melakukan pencapaian lebih, kita tak bisa hanya bertahan di tempat yang sama. Tidak ada kehidupan lebih baik yang bisa didapatkan tanpa melakukan perpindahan.”  Raditya Dika – Manusia Setengah Salmon
To start something new, we have to release what we had in the past. I think that is what Raditya Dika wants to tell us through his film “Manusia Setengah Salmon”. We have to move on first if we want to get something better than the previous one and moving on is something we need to step on the next level of our life.
Talking about “moving”, that is the reason why I did not post anything last month. Yes, I (and my husband) move to a new house. It is our first experience as we stayed in our parents’ house before we move. We move to Ungaran. It needs around one hour to go to Ungaran from Semarang. Meanwhile, my husband and I are working in Semarang. Many people asked why we move to somewhere they call “far”. Tired? Yes, we are, but if we keep on focusing on the distance, we will not be grateful for so many things we have received.
Grateful is the word that we are facing on October. October brought us to the greatest experience in our life. For so many reason, we think that we should be grateful of what we have.
One step higher, thanks God, finally Sasha had finished his study. Last week was his Graduation day.
Beside, I am so grateful for our wedding anniversary and my pregnancy. Yes, I was. Til the doctor said that the embryo inside my womb was died. Let's cross our finger, hopefully the embryo will come out naturally (I wish I don't need curette).

By the way, here are some photos we took on October, our "tiny" house and Sasha's Graduation.

getting ready for another adventure in the morning

my house, few months ago
happy and proud of him
the detail of my "semi-backless-dress"

If you have Pinterest account, please find me there and you will amaze that I am in love with "Rockabilly" style lately, so that is why I made that dress to attend my husband's graduation.
Love the things that you love. It will help you to cure your "pain". Go find and love it...and forget your "pain"...

November, please be kind to us...
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September 23, 2014

The Limit

As a Superhero, Superman is a strong creature. Similarly, Spiderman, Batman, Supergirl, WonderWoman and other superhero have the power to fight against the “evil”. On the other hand, it doesn’t mean that they don’t have weaknesses, right? They have limit.
Talking about the limit, sometime we forget that we have to take care of our health no matter how busy we are. But human is human, forget everything, and remember nothing. That’s life!
As an ordinary woman, I cannot put myself on the most perfect level. I have the limit, too and I did FORGET that I have to take care of my health. I got fever last weekend, spent my Saturday-Sunday on the bed with thermometer and medicine. Yeah, I am not a Supergirl, I have the limit. I have to realize it.
By the way,
Do you know about TYVEK wallet? A wallet made of micro-fiber-paper which is tear-and-water resistant, light, strong and eco friendly. I heard that this kind of wallet is the most famous wallet in USA, now. But, I can find it in Indonesia, too….yeayyy….. Got it from AnezigTY.

And I already have my own wallet. It is a Supergirl-Superclutch wallet.

my old wallet. It has LIMIT, too

the inner of the wallet

Why Supergirl?
Because I want to remind myself that I am a strong and brave girl. However, I still have THE LIMIT.

Don’t lose your cool, go get yours ;)

be super, be happy and be healthy,
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September 14, 2014

So Many Things I'd like to Say....

Try to do something new in life is the thing I found interesting lately. You will never know how you enjoy your new experience if you do not try.
I never think that I have to meet the situation which forces me to do the new thing.
Well, last week a friend of mine sent me messages. She needed a makeup artist for her and her friends. It was my first time. I didn’t feel confident so I ask ms. Ellent to help me to do “this”.
The result?
You will amaze how those ordinary girls turned into pretty ladies. Here they are…
Beauty is pain. I need to repeat those words several times to those four girls when I tried to put the fake eyelashes on their eyes.
Difficult? Yep
Perfect? Nope, I think I need to sharpen my skill so I can do better next time....

By the way, I think I need to change my "blog-atmosphere". Before this, I used to write in Bahasa, talking about everything and be a "galau" girl. Time flies and I need to be mature, so I decided to write in English now. Moreover, I think I should stop my "galau" "menye menye" hobby and start a new hobby which is SELFIE.....

I don't try to be a fashion blogger. Selfie is not a crime, isn't it?
So, be ready for the  next post. I will post so many pictures of mine.....hahahaha.....
Another thing to say,
Last night, I went to an event held by TRAX FM Semarang. It was ElectroLand Event with Midnight Quickie. I couldn't tell you how excited I was, head banging, moving and dancing. I was happy, so did my husband last night. Here are some photos which I took last night during the show.
got these Glow Stick from the Troopers
We were lucky, got the first row, so we could see them clearly..... Midnight Quickie
the MCs
the end of the show

Feel the happiness?
I hope so....
good nite, bloggy-mates ;)
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August 30, 2014

The Beginner

To start something new is easier than go back to the old habit you ever leave, like when you are on the top and suddenly the situation force you to go down, start from the beginning, the hardest point u ever felt.
Well, I used to do blogging regularly, tried to update it daily, but since I work in a school, I started to leave my hobby as I had so much fun with my cute students.
Then, I leave my job (yeah, this is the reason of my GALAU months lately)(and I will not tell you the reason now til I feel I am ready enough to share) and I try to (again) write and update my blog daily. Sometimes, somehow, I feel I lose my passion to write and I do not know what to write, freeze in front of my lappy for hours. I feel nothing, I feel useless…

We cannot predict what will happen in the future…that’s life.
Meanwhile, here are some photos when all the teachers in the school had photo shoots for the Yearbook last March.
Kinda late, but I think I need to post this as I start to miss my days there…(I mean) I miss my colleagues.

photo by blaze studio

photo by blaze studio

I edited our pictures into one, gonna miss them..
By the way, I want to introduce my friend as your new bloggy pal..find her here.
Kindly, visit her, cuz she promised me she will update her blog, share her new life in German.
Have a nice weekend, buddies :)
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August 19, 2014

Sang Pemimpi

“Asiiikkkk, sudah sampai kita hunn”,
“ehh, di belakang villa ada kolam renang, yuk renang, mumpung masih sore…”
“ihh, lucu ya hunn, kolam renangnya ada jembatannya…loh tapi koq jembatannya ga sampai seberang ya? Koq Cuma sampai tengah tengah?”
“hiyyy, kolamnya koq banyak mayatnya hunn? Hiyy…”
“aduh…ada yang ngejar kita hunn? Gimana nihhh?? Masa kita nyemplung?”

“Maaf ya mba, sebenarnya saya sudah lama menjaga villa ini, saya tahu kalau villa ini berhantu, tapi saya juga ga bisa apa apa kalau pihak tour menyewa villa ini.”

Minggu malam kemarin, saya bermimpi aneh. Dimulai dengan saya dan suami yang berlibur menggunakan jasa tour agent. Kami menginap di sebuah villa bangunan peninggalan Belanda(yang saya heran karena villanya mirip dengan rumah nenek saya yang sekarang sudah jadi ruko ruko). Kemudian begitu sampai, saya mengajak suami untuk berenang. Dari jendela kamar villa, kolam renangnya jernih airnya, berbentuk persegi dengan jembatan di bagian tengah yang tidak sampai di sisi seberangnya. Saya dan suami yang berniat lompat ke air dari jembatan unik itu. Saat hendak melompat, kami kaget karena ternyata ada banyak mayat mengapung di kolam. Ada yang hanya tangan, ada yang berambut panjang, ahhhh, pokoknya mengerikan. Kami mengurungkan niat untuk melompat, namun di saat yang bersamaan, kami menyadari bahwa ada “sesuatu” (saya lupa apa) yang mengejar kami dari belakang. Hingga mau tidak mau, suka tidak suka, kami harus lompat ke kolam penuh mayat itu. Mati matian berusaha menyebrangi kolam, akhirnya kami sampai di tepi kolam dan bergegas mengemasi barang barang kami di kamar. Saat hendak pergi, kami melihat salah satu teman tour kami sedang berusaha bunuh diri menggunakan pisau buah di kamarnya. Semakin panic adalah ketika pintu kamar kami tidak bisa terbuka, kami terkunci di dalam kamar. Beruntungnya, sang penjaga villa (yang saya lupa wajahnya meski sudah berusaha mengingat) dari luar berusaha membuka pintu kamar. Kami selamat dan bertemu teman tour kami yang sebelumnya kami lihat sedang bunuh diri. Ketika kami tanyakan mengapa dia mencoba bunuh diri, dia mengatakan kalau dirinya sudah di luar sedari tadi bahkan berusaha memanggil kami saat hendak berenang.

Saya terbangun dengan keringat di badan. Sepanjang 2014 ini, sudah beberapa kali mimpi saya aneh. Pertama kali sekitar bulan Maret yang saya lupa kapan persisnya. Saya bermimpi gigi saya yang atas tanggal sederet. Dan kemudian berturut turut om saya, bude saya, bulik saya, nenek dari sepupu saya, dan dua saudara jauh yang semuanya juga sudah sepuh meninggal berurutan. Mungkin mimpi saya yang itu firasat.
Kemudian, minggu yang lalu saya bermimpi di kejar ular kecil kecil, jumlahnya banyak, tak terhitung, saya lari sampai masuk kamar. Ular ular itu tak bisa mengejar saya sampai naik tempat tidur. Suami saya memegang kepala ular ular itu satu persatu melemparkannya keluar dari jendela kamar.
Terakhir ya baru kemarin minggu saya bermimpi tentang mayat.
Yah, baik ataupun buruk artinya, saya tidak tahu, semoga saja saya dan suami tetap dalam lindunganNYA.

pict. from here

Sekuat dan setabah apapun, saya tetap saya yang akan menangis saat bermimpi buruk...
Bad dreams, nightmare...please go away.....
Jujur, saya takut, 
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August 07, 2014

Musik Tak Bernada

Seperti untaian nada dalam sebuah musik, hilang satu nada berarti sumbang, Sahabat, tanpanya, kau akan lumpuh..

Pict. from here
Dear E,
Tiga tahun kita habiskan bersama,
Dalam masa masa kelamku, kau ada, memberikan semangat baru, yang kini kurindukan darimu…
Dalam masa masa sedihku, kau menunjukkan betapa kuatnya diriku, hingga aku sanggup berdiri lagi, menghadapi dunia yang begitu kejam padaku, waktu itu..
Dalam ketakutanku, kau tetap berada di sampingku, mengingatkanku bahwa ada dirimu, katamu semua akan baik baik saja, dan aku harus selalu bahagia walau saat itu rasanya sudah hendak menangis lagi.
Dalam masa penantianku, kau ada, mendukungku, berkata bahwa usahaku tak akan sia sia, bahkan saat rasanya hampir menyerah dengan semua yang ada, kau selalu tahu bahwa aku kuat dan sanggup menghadapinya.
Dulu, kau hanya sejauh kelas,
Dulu, kau hanya sejauh jam mengajar.
Tapi sekarang kita sejauh koneksi Skype, sejauh sinyal BBM yang ada lalu hilang, sejauh percakapan dalam kotak chat di Whatsapp.
Parahnya, aku bahkan terlalu sibuk untuk menyadari saat kau sakit, saat kau mungkin butuh telinga, sehingga rasanya sinyal BBM yang baik, koneksi Skype yang tersambung padamu, maupun percakapan di kotak Whatsapp percuma untuk hubungan kita yang dulu sejauh kelas itu.
Kau kini bagai musik tak bernada, yang aku tak tahu harus bagaimana agar alunannya semerdu dulu lagi..
Mungkin aku bukan sahabat yang selalu siap mendengarmu bicara, dalam susahmu.
Mungkin, aku juga bukan sahabat yang selalu memperhatikan status status sedih BBM mu.
Mungkin aku juga bukan sahabat yang akan menyadari kalau kau bertambah kurus jika tidak ada teman yang berkata demikian, menyentilku, mengatakan kau sakit.
Aku tidak tahu kenapa, dan ada apa denganmu, karena sepertinya kau pun enggan membiarkanku tahu.
Tapi, apapun itu, aku yakin, kau sekuat kata kata yang keluar dari bibirmu saat mendukungku dulu, kau bahkan lebih tabah daripada si cengeng yang kau sering panggil “Gotik” ini..
Hanya kau yang tahu bagaimana memberikan nada nada indah dalam musik itu lagi...

Dari jauh, dari tempatku di sini, aku berusaha memelukmu dengan doaku,
Semoga Tuhan dengar doaku,
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July 07, 2014

Hang In There...Glo

Give a girl "the right shoes", and she can conquer the world...
*Marilyn Monroe*

Mungkin senyumku masih akan terus berkembang...
Mungkin kamu masih akan bisa melihatku tertawa..
Mungkin status status media sosial berhasil menyembunyikan tangis..
Mungkin saja aku pun masih bisa bilang, aku bisa..
Mungkin saja orang berkata "bertahan ya Glo", aku lalu tertawa...
menertawai diriku sendiri yang berkata "aku baik baik saja" sebenarnya tidak..
bisa saja, dan mungkin saja...
Mungkin saja hari berikutnya aku akan bilang pada diriku sendiri, "kamu kuat, kamu bertahan ya" tapi dilain hari aku menangis...
Mungkin saja hari ini dia masih ada memelukku...tapi lalu hilang dan pergi seperti papa..

Yang paling mungkin, mungkin hanya berkata
Hang in there ya Glo..
untuk diriku sendiri..

pict. from here
I am a lil' girl who trapped in a pair of "wrong shoes"
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PS :
answering so many questions about my last post, my husband and I are okay...
we are in love and very happy, 
the one that makes us sad just we have to face the reality...
Reality that we are not living in a fairy-tale...that we have to struggling for our dreams and hopes...
thank you for being so nice to us...we are really appreciate it :)
Peace n' Love :)

July 01, 2014

This is (not) a Fairytale. It's (not) Eternal.

The two hardest things to say in life are hello for the first time dan goodbye for the last.
- quote from here - 
Tak ada yang abadi di dunia ini, bahkan ketika kamu berjanji untuk sehidup semati bersama pasanganmu. Tak ada yang pernah tahu kan, kapan maut memisahkan. Ketika kamu memeluknya pun, bisa saja itu menjadi moment terakhirmu mendengar detak jantungnya, merasakan hembus nafasnya, di tengkukmu.
Tak ada yang abadi di dunia ini, walaupun kamu sudah berjanji, bisa saja suatu saat kamu lupa akan janjimu kan. Sesempurna apapun seseorang, akuilah bahwa ia pun pernah alpa.

Tak ada yang abadi saat Tuhan memberimu hadiah terbaik dalam hidupmu, tapi kemudian DIA mengambilnya lagi darimu.
Tak ada yang abadi, saat kamu mengucapkan "hello" , pada akhirnya akan ada "goodbye" sebelum berjumpa dengan "hello" yang lainnya.
well, tak ada yang abadi di dunia ini,
kecuali Tuhan......

picture from here

Many things happen in my (and my husband) life, which I (and him) do not understand, WHY...
The path in front of me (and him) is getting not getting necessarily 
but I (we) do believe that everything happens for a reason.
Good reason that HE prepares for me (and him), my (his) life, 
my (his) future, in the period ahead...
this...might be the saddest goodbye for me (and him)...but we do believe we'll find another hello, ahead
and again I (we) DO believe that I am (we are) not alone....
HE holds my (his) hands, and I (he) surrender my (his) life to HIM.....
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May 20, 2014

Yang Dirindu

picture from here

Dalam gelapnya malam, dia masih berjuang untuk membuka mata, berharap seseorang  yang dia sudah tinggalkan lama tersedia lagi untuknya.  Dia galau, maunya menyapa tapi malu, diam, dia bohong. Bohong dengan hatinya, tentu saja.
Dia pernah berharap ada di sisinya meski angkuh mengalahkan segalanya. Dirinya terlalu sombong untuk mengakui, ya, aku cinta. Dirinya terlalu congkak untuk bilang, aku sayang kamu.
Dan kalau sekarang seseorang itu sudah pergi meninggalkannya. Yah belum tentu juga bisa dibilang meninggalkan sih, karena dia juga tak pernah tahu bagaimana perasaan seseorang itu, yang terpisah puluhan kilometer darinya, terpisah jam dan waktu yang berbeda.
Dan kalau sekarang dia terlambat untuk mengakui, saat seseorang itu sudah dengan yang lain, mau apa lagi dia? Merusak? Mengganggu?
Dia tak bisa apa apa walau mungkin saja seseorang di sana yang dia rindukan ternyata sedang merindukannya juga. Dia tak bisa apa apa saat setiap gambar yang terekam mengembalikan memori masa lalunya. Dan dia juga tak bisa apa apa saat yang dirindukannya ternyata tak merindunya, meski bisa saja ternyata mereka saling rindu.

Dunia berputar, waktu berganti, tapi cintanya tidak…
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