November 03, 2014

At a Glance : My Life Lately

“Hidup penuh dengan ketidakpastian, tetapi perpindahan adalah salah satu hal yang pasti. Kalau pindah diidentikkan dengan kepergian, maka kesedihan menjadi sesuatu yang mengikutinya… Padahal, untuk melakukan pencapaian lebih, kita tak bisa hanya bertahan di tempat yang sama. Tidak ada kehidupan lebih baik yang bisa didapatkan tanpa melakukan perpindahan.”  Raditya Dika – Manusia Setengah Salmon
To start something new, we have to release what we had in the past. I think that is what Raditya Dika wants to tell us through his film “Manusia Setengah Salmon”. We have to move on first if we want to get something better than the previous one and moving on is something we need to step on the next level of our life.
Talking about “moving”, that is the reason why I did not post anything last month. Yes, I (and my husband) move to a new house. It is our first experience as we stayed in our parents’ house before we move. We move to Ungaran. It needs around one hour to go to Ungaran from Semarang. Meanwhile, my husband and I are working in Semarang. Many people asked why we move to somewhere they call “far”. Tired? Yes, we are, but if we keep on focusing on the distance, we will not be grateful for so many things we have received.
Grateful is the word that we are facing on October. October brought us to the greatest experience in our life. For so many reason, we think that we should be grateful of what we have.
One step higher, thanks God, finally Sasha had finished his study. Last week was his Graduation day.
Beside, I am so grateful for our wedding anniversary and my pregnancy. Yes, I was. Til the doctor said that the embryo inside my womb was died. Let's cross our finger, hopefully the embryo will come out naturally (I wish I don't need curette).

By the way, here are some photos we took on October, our "tiny" house and Sasha's Graduation.

getting ready for another adventure in the morning

my house, few months ago
happy and proud of him
the detail of my "semi-backless-dress"

If you have Pinterest account, please find me there and you will amaze that I am in love with "Rockabilly" style lately, so that is why I made that dress to attend my husband's graduation.
Love the things that you love. It will help you to cure your "pain". Go find and love it...and forget your "pain"...

November, please be kind to us...
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lita said...

Honey... I love you so much. Be strong. Be brave. Grateful for everything, Sayang. Sorry for the baby, and I'll pray for your health, and for another 'beautiful creature' to come again for u and hubby. I, will be strong, too. Well, actually i've already done that, and face lots of thing lately. And i'm ok. Semangat, Glo. Salam sama Sasha.

Annesya said...

mbak, jangan stres ya... yang santai kaya di pantai. semangat! met pindahan ya... :D ungaran kan enak, dingin, udaranya dingiiinnn


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