March 10, 2011

Fasting...Fasting...and Fasting

Hi Reader, yesterday was another busy day :) so I can't post anything 
oke, now let me tell you about yesterday 
yesterday was the first day for Christian to have fasting before Easter :)
(we call it "RABU ABU" in Bahasa Indonesia)
went back home from office, I took a bath then prepared all thing to go to the Church 
since I am the committee of Easter, I had to wear purple. 
Unlucky me, I don't have any purple dress or shirt :(
so, I just wore my white shirt and a purple necklace
this photo is taken by my father :) thanx Dad

and this is also the first time I use my new bag :)
and I am very proud to my parent :)
Although they are not in their best healthy condition (my father : blood cancer, my mom : she had an accident which broke her arm)
I appreciate with their spirit to go to the Church
my mom and my dad while waiting for the taxicab

yeah, that's my story about yesterday,
and today is the second day to have fasting :)
but, when I reach my room in my office, I found a baked bread

my boss gave it to all the employee :)
looks delicious, but I have to ignore it because of the fasting (LOL)
yep, that's my experience
hope you also have a good experience like mine :)
Have a Nice Thursday :)



Anonymous said...

the shirt and purple necklace is a great combo!
wanna visit my blog? we can be friends and follow each other if you like to
I believe your parents are proud of you to, girl :)

sweet and sugars,

Anonymous said...

oh sure, following back!
keep contact and thank you for replying my comment
hope didn't bother you :)
drop by anytime :D

patricia said...

interesting blog! follow each other??

Annabelle Fleur said...

You have such a cute and wonderful blog! Now following, of course:) Maybe you'll have time to visit mine:)



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