April 24, 2011

Free, HE Lights Up My Life

I was so busy with Easter guys..therefore I leave this blog for few days :)
Anyway, Happy Easter all who celebrate it, wish your life fulfill with HIS love.

I wanna share a song which I heard in Churh this afternoon.
This is not a Gospel Song anyway. the Preacher put this song in his preach because of the singer.
Debbie Boone is best known as the singer of "You Light Up My Life" on 1977. This song was famous and won a lot of AWARDs at that time. The media publish it. A media also had interview time with Debbie. When the interviewer asked "Who are "YOU" in "You Light Up My Life" that make Debbie so emotional in singing that song, Debbie said that she interpreted the song as inspirational and proclaimed that it was instead God who "lit up her life".... 
so take a look to the lyric

So many nights, I'd sit by my window,
Waiting for someone to sing me his song.
So many dreams, I kept deep inside me, 
Alone in the dark, now you've come along. 

And you light up my life,
You give me hope, to carry on.
You light up my days
And fill my nights with song. 

Rollin' at sea, adrift on the waters
Could it be finally, I'm turning for home
Finally a chance to say, "Hey, I Love You"
Never again to be all alone. 

And you light up my life,
You give me hope, to carry on.
You light up my days 
And fill my nights with song. 

You, You light up my life
You give me hope to carry on
You light up my days
And fill my nights with song
It can't be wrong, when it feels so right

Cause you, you light up my life

after the preacher finished with his preach, the choir take the time to sing the song (click here to see the choir sing this song), 
well, honestly, this song make me realize that I am not alone in these hard days,..HE loves me, HE gives me hope by HIS sacrifice on the cross. I am FREE, so there will be no reason for me to cry myself, getting crazy with all crazy things happen to my family. HE sent me to this "uncomfortable time" so I will know that HE lights up my life.
LOL, starting to cry again now, but, there is still a HOPE. a HOPE that my Dad gonna have his best healthy as soon as possible.

picture from here

if you curious to the song, I found a link of this song by Debbie Boone, click here to see the video.

Have a Blessed Easter
GBU all


Dhimas said...

Here is my reply hahahhaa...

Actually this song is the choir's favourite song, even though the song was not the theme song of worship yesterday. hahaha... They arbitrarily chose the song as their favorite song... hahahhaa....
The actual theme song is "Aku Telah Melihat Tuhan", a simple and easy to learn song, written by Pastor Juswantori Ichwan... hahahhaa....
The lyrics are:
Aku telah melihat Tuhan.
Aku telah melihat Tuhan.
Hilang sudah segala keraguan,
sejak 'ku pandang Tuhan.

What a nice song and has a strong message... I've seen God!!!

Happy Easter Glo!!
Happy Easter everyone!!!

SASA said...

happy easter day dear! :D
PS join my give away! a cute summer dress

The Style Rawr said...

Happy Easter!!! <3

We're now following you- please follow us back! :)

T & J



gloriaputri said...

@mas dhim : this is also my favorite song mas :) Happy Easter
@sasa : i am joining :) thank you for inform :) Happy Easter too :)
@style rawr : I am following you :) Happy Easter :)

pritamariska said...

begitu baca blogmu aku lgsg browsing..
another nice song,glo..
sngat menyenangkan belajar tentangNYA lewat lagu.. ^_^

gloriaputri said...

@mba prit : seneng klo bs share lagu dan lagunya ternyata jg km suka :)
aq pengen nangis pas choirnya nyanyiin lagu itu mba :) really touch my heart


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