April 14, 2011

The Story Goes....

Morning all lovely reader,
Yesterday was an awful day for me :( I can't use my phone cell because it was broken :( but then I got my phone cell repaired.

I want to share something (because I haven't share it here:)
Last February, a week before Seclusion Day, there was an Ogoh Ogoh Parade in Semarang. Ogoh Ogoh are statues built for the Ngrupuk parade (click this link to see what Ogoh Ogoh are), which takes place on the eve of Nyepi or Seclusion Day in Bali. 
I went to the Parade with my boy and my besties :) I was very excited to see Ogoh Ogoh. My friend, Yehezkiel brought his camera (he is a photographer), he was curious to take pictures of the Ogoh Ogoh and the Parade. Unfortunately, there was cloudy and the rain fall. So we can't see the Ogoh Ogoh and the Parade :(

Before, while waited for the Ogoh Ogoh and the Parade (and the rain not yet come), we had a photo session :D
My boy bought a soap bubble for us to play with and here are the photos (my friend just finish to edited the photos last two days), enjoy.

All photos taken and edited by Yehezkiel Caesar Putra  
just click to the name if you want to contact him to have your photo session :)

fyi, those pictures are not my pre wedding photos (because some friends told me so), 
those are "Narsis Photos" of me.  
And I haven't thinking of married yet 

cheer y'


Enno said...

cuma mau nyorakin iseng: suit suiiit!


amalia khoirun nisa said...

udah 4 taun mah nunggu apalagi mbak glooo, ikutan mbak enno ah, suit suitt prikitiiww :p

Nufri L Sang Nila said...


btw..itu foto pre wed ya? (hahaaaaaaa...sebel ya ditanya begitu?...) wajar orang bertanya seperti itu...ga papa di save aja..jadi nanti gak usah buat foto2 pre wed lagii..

salam :)

Arief Bayoe Sapoetra said...

Wah fotonya romantis.....:) mau nikah ya...?

raraa said...

nice bgt ka c:

maya said...

ciee.. ciee... asiik deh. editannya bagus loh :)

Hans Brownsound ツ said...

ikutan enno ah, "suiiiit..suittt"

gloriaputri said...

@enno : see...you provokes people to say "suit suitt"
@lia : hahaha...nabung dulu..kan sama2 baru kerja jg :) kami masi muda koq...hehhee
@nufri : iya, ni aq save koq fotonya...hahahhaa
@arief : ngga,.....blm maw nikah...tp doakan saja begitu *loh
@raraa : thanx raraa
@maya : makasih may....temenku koq itu yg ngeditin
@hans : ahhhh...hans koq tiru2 enno sih?? *jitak

Storm said...

i adore your blog - i'm your reader now!i have just made my own first blog - i hope you'll visit it, and i hope you'll like it!

gloriaputri said...

hi Storm :) thank you for leave a comment here, and be my follower :) i am gonna visit yours...be glad to know u :)

Andri Edisi Terbatas said...

bagus euy foto2nya...jd mau ikitan suit suit jg deh...^_^

gloriaputri said...

hei hei :) makasih andri :) itu temenku yg motret koq :)


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