August 23, 2013


today's saddest moment :

I was talking with my workmate in her class when suddenly her father came and gave her watch, 
she left her watch at home...
well, at the same time I was thinking that 
if my daddy is still alive he will do the same thing when I left my watch at home.... 
the fact is he is not here anymore..... God loves him so much, so HE took him.......
miss u so much daddy 

picture from

then...I does daddy's-hug feel??
your little daughter who really wants to hug you now,
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Kartika Hapsari said...

Like this :) I think I know who you are talking about in the beginning...Your dad will always "be there" for you ;) keep on smiling and stay blessed darl' ;)

Hans Brownsound ツ said...

senyum dong.
naaaah gitu :D

Ulfah said...

Jadi ikutan sedih :(
Tabah ya Mbak cantik.
Jadi keinget quote Harry Potter.
Sirius to Harry: The ones that love us never really leave us. You can always find them... [puts hand over Harry's heart] in here :)
Cheer up Mbak cantik :)

Suci Mine said...

jangan sedih mbak Glo, nnti papanya mbak Glo jadi ikutan sedih liat mbak Glo sedih...
mungkin, mungkin saja papanya mbak Glo selalu memeluk mbak Glo... hanya saja mgkin rasanya sudah berbeda.. ^_^

Rian Ra-kun said...

Stay tough and live well, Glo. The time will come when you will be united with him in heaven :)

Good luck with everything (y)

Hans Brownsound ツ said...

hey married girl! august?
kemana aja?


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