July 05, 2011

I Really Want It !

Hi Pals,
Finally, I use my English again to write this post #yey 
Blogwalking here and there, I found so many Bloggers' Giveaway
The interesting one is Sonia Eryka's Birthday Giveaway.
She is celebrate her 18th years old birthday.
I pray for you happiness and your sweet relationship with Audrio.

Well, Sonia shares the bliss by the giveaway.

got the picture from here

She will give the winner shopping vouchers (the vouchers remind me to someone I know here in blogger.com). You may choose by yourself the gift that you really want from two different shops, Daniel Footwear and Chicwish.
Here some random stuff from those two shops.

No, I haven't finish yet.
I am just confused to choose the gift :D
and I found this

damn! this top really fits me :) got from this link

awwwwww, drolling my self and shout :
"I Really Want It"

Sonia, I have picked the gift for the giveaway, so please, take me as the winner..I really want it....


Enno said...

hihihi seleramu itu lho, glo...

girly girly gimanaaaa getoooh


Mia Setiarini said...

good luck ya kak glo semoga menaaang!:D:)

Inez said...

Hahaha.. pink renda-renda..
Semoga menaaaang! (AMIN!)

Dana Paramita said...

hahaha iya ka glo aku juga pengen ikutan,tapi pesimis duluan deh itu 1:1000 peluang menangnya :o semangkaaaaaaaa! :D

[L]ain said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
[L]ain said...

good luck with the giveaway then..

read this entry just made me really want to post in English too yay

Anonymous said...

glo..kapan ulang tahun ? kau ngadain giveaway juga kan..tapi jangan baju2 ce lho ya...hehehe

Lia said...

wew, pink 0.o

ayo yg kemarin ultah mana giveaway nyaa, hehe :p

gloriaputri said...

@enno : hahahhaa...kayak km gak girly aja :p

@mia : AMIN...makasiii

@inez : iyaaa...makasiii Nez

@paramita : ayooo, ikutan juga...nothing to lose koq...hehehhe

@[L]ain : AMIN, thanks yaaa

@danan : hahahahaha....nanti aq bikinnya baju renda2 ahhh.....#bayangin mas danan pake renda2 girly :D

@lia : hahahahaha...tar Li....belom ada duitnya :D hohoohohoh

Anonymous said...

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